Paleo 101

What is “The Paleo Diet?”

Meat. Seafood. Vegetables. Fruit.

No Grains. No Legumes. No Dairy.


Sort of.

The Paleo Diet, at its most basic, is a series a dietary recommendations designed to foster proper nutrient and hormonal balance in the body. By doing so, this diet aims to counteract and prevent many modern chronic ailments, including, but not limited to; autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, fertility issues, heart health concerns, and the range of adverse conditions associated with excess body weight.

As the amount of research into this dietary approach has grown, several variations, or protocols, have emerged to address specific populations and to reflect the opinions of individual authors, researchers, and experts. Because of this there is no longer one “Paleo Diet,” but rather, many paleo-type diets. These variations include specific recommendations for populations such as; athletes, pregnant women, those with auto-immune conditions, overweight individuals, and individuals interested in creating a plan built specifically for them.






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